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The Congregation Pt28 (Live Report From Goshen Pt2) (Ezra 7:11-12)

Brother Nathan Bryant, March 22, 2020
Part of the The Congregation series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

"Oh, we’re so glad tonight, to be under the Blood, safely protected; as Israel in the days of old, putting the blood upon the lintel of the door, and upon the door post, sign of the cross. When the death angel was sweeping the land, the dark wings bowed down, but when he seen the blood, It rose again, and 'I will pass over you.'"
~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (50-0815)

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Ezra 7:11-12

11Now this is the copy of the letter that the king Artaxerxes gave unto Ezra the priest, the scribe, even a scribe of the words of the commandments of the LORD, and of his statutes to Israel. 12Artaxerxes, king of kings, unto Ezra the priest, a scribe of the law of the God of heaven, perfect peace, and at such a time. (KJV)

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