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Identified Pt15 (Genesis 7:15-16)

Brother Nathan Bryant, September 9, 2018
Part of the Identified series, preached at a Sunday Evening service

"Giants said, “Oh, my. Pay no attention to that old fogy. Why, he--he’s off at his mind. See? But he went ahead, and a hundred and twenty years built this ark.
Now, I can just imagine seeing... After God said, “All right, Noah. I’ve heard the last giant I believe I’m going to hear. Go on up in the ark."
~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (62-0607)

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Genesis 7:15-16

15And they went in unto Noah into the ark, two and two of all flesh, wherein is the breath of life. 16And they that went in, went in male and female of all flesh, as God had commanded him: and the LORD shut him in. (KJV)

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