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Yield Pt16 (Preparations) (1 Chronicles 22:14-16)

Brother Nathan Bryant, April 10, 2019
Part of the Yield series, preached at a Midweek Meeting service

"Each one of us play a part in this picture and in this song. We're parts of the Kingdom of God. And that is, that we can play our parts, as long as we realize where we are positionally belong in this place, and then stay right there in that place. In one place we know it's in love, because that's what makes up the picture."
~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (61-0305)

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1 Chronicles 22:14-16

14Now, behold, in my trouble I have prepared for the house of the LORD an hundred thousand talents of gold, and a thousand thousand talents of silver; and of brass and iron without weight; for it is in abundance: timber also and stone have I prepared; and thou mayest add thereto. 15Moreover there are workmen with thee in abundance, hewers and workers of stone and timber, and all manner of cunning men for every manner of work. 16Of the gold, the silver, and the brass, and the iron, there is no number. Arise therefore, and be doing, and the LORD be with thee. (KJV)

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