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Yield Pt18 (Your Flesh) (John 14:12)

Brother Nathan Bryant, April 24, 2019
Part of the Yield series, preached at a Midweek Meeting service

"Now, if we can find out what Jesus was when He was in Galilee, then if He's in Los Angeles tonight, He will do, and act, and be as He was then, or it would be a different Jesus than it was then. He's got to be the same every way, but working through your flesh and my flesh as He, God worked through Christ, or Jesus' flesh in that day."
~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (59-0404)

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John 14:12

12Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. (KJV)

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