November 12, 2011

Bring Forth Fruit With Patience (Bro. Jack Duff)

Passage: Luke 8:15
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"A corn of wheat, or a grain of corn can look as perfect as it can be. And you put it in the ground, and if that corn... It has perpetual life; it'll go down today, reproduce itself in a stalk, and come back down, and go up again, and come back down. It's perpetual life. If that corn hasn't got the germ of life in it, no matter how beautiful it looks, it'll never raise. It'll go to the ground and rot, and that's it. Part of it (the materials) can be used for fertilize and things in the ground. But as far as it ever living again, it'll never live unless it's got perpetual life in it." ~ WMB (59-1217)

perpetual (adjective):
1) continuing or enduring forever; everlasting
2) continued without intermission or interruption

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