December 17, 2017

In The Time Of Peace Prepare For War

Passage: 2 Chronicles 11:5
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"You know, I believe it was Lincoln that said one time, "In the time of peace, prepare for war." Or it might not have been he, but it sounds like, seems to me, rather, it was he that made that statement. "In time of peace, prepare for war." And that would be a good thing for us to think about. In time while everything is running smooth, you better get ready, for Satan isn't going to let it run smooth very long. You're in a convention now, and everything will just pour along fine. But you're going to leave here in a few days, and you're going to meet the enemy. He might not even wait till you get ready to leave. He might attack any time. So he's--he's wicked, ruthless. He just carries on whenever he can. Whatever he can say or do, he does it right now, he... So it's best to be dressed all the time."
~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (62-0607)

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