October 23, 2019

Oh Thou Sufferer Stand And Be Healed

Passage: Romans 8:18
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“God brings tensions into the church, “Every son that cometh to God must be tried, and proven, and tested.” He lets sickness strikes you. He lets diseases come on you, to test you and to prove you, to show the world that you’re truly the Seed of Abraham. He permits it by His Own will. He permits disasters. He permits the friends to turn against you. He permits all these things, and turns the devil loose, to tempt you. And he’ll do all but take your life. He could throw you on a bed of affliction. He could turn your neighbors against you. He could turn the church against you. He can do most anything, and it’s God’s will for him to do it. We are taught that it is more precious than gold, to us.”
~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (59-1108)

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