May 27, 2015

Questions & Answers 10

Passage: Isaiah 38:1
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"…you little weakling man. I'm ashamed of you as Christian brothers, will let your wife do such a thing as that; it shows what you are made out of. That's right.
Now, women, you ought to say, "Amen" after fussing at you like that 'cause he's the ruler. That's right. And the way he let you live, it's his fault. God's going to hold him responsible for it. That's right. If you ain't man enough to take up and put your own house in order, God be merciful to you. That's right. 'Cause the Bible said in the very beginning, that, "He shall rule over thee."
Now, she's not a doormat now; she's your sweetheart. See? But you should set down and talk to her, and reason it with her, and tell her, and read the Bible, and pray together. These things wouldn't be in the church then, if you done that. That's right."
~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (56-1005)

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