May 14, 2017

Supremely Blessed Pt7 (The Peacemakers)

Passage: Matthew 5:9
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"'Blessed is the man,' said David. No uncertainty to him. That man knows what he's talking about. I don't care what the world says, what you say about him, try to make him mad, he won't get mad. I don't care how much you talk about him, he won't pay no attention to it. He will go on, 'cause he's got a blessing in here. He will pray for you. That's right. You might do anything in the world; he never pay no attention to it. Won't back-bite his neighbors, and go around and stir up trouble. He will be a peacemaker. He will do everything he can, for he's a child of God. Blessed is that man. Yes."
~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (55-0731)

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