January 3, 2016

Take The Saddle Off Your Mule

Passage: James 2:18
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"Remember my father, down in Kentucky, years ago. The crops was all burning up. And the old circuit preacher come through, and he was a dandy old man. When he went on his knees, he stayed there till something happened. That day, they was all want to pray for the rain to come. Pop said, when that old man went on his knees, and he seen them old shriveled-up hands went up in the air, he said, "O God, I have served You. These people are Yours, and their crops are burning." Pop said he slipped right out of the church, and went out there and took the saddle off his mule, throwed it under the church, 'cause he knowed the rain was coming. Convinced, yes, sir, then he was concerned about his saddle."
~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (62-0610E)

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