March 20, 2024

Training For The Battle Pt4 (Fortified Pt2)

Passage: Luke 4:3-4
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"In using God’s Word, there is three things that you must not do. Now let’s study those for the next ten minutes; three things that you must not do. And all out in the land, wherever you are, across the nation, be sure to put these down in your mind if you haven’t got a pencil. You must not do these things. We tell you all the time how you must do, now I’m going to tell you what you must not do. Now, you must not misinterpret the Word. You say, “Well, I believe It means this.” It means just what It says. It needs no interpreter. And you must not misplace the Word. And you must not dislocate the Word. And if we would do either of these, it throws the whole Bible in a confusion and in a chaos." ~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (65-0822M)

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