February 18, 2018

Two Camps

Passage: Genesis 32:1
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"Just as sure as there's a--a heaven and a earth, Jesus Christ is present now. But what it is, He's in an unseen condition. We can't see Him, but there's something about the Christian soul, that when man realizes when His Presence is there, he's standing in the presence of something that he can't see.
We're know that there's radio going through here now. There's television going through here now. Oh, I can't pick it up. But it's in another world; and so's the angels of God placed around in this room watching this afternoon. The angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him. Jesus is on--all present, all the time, watching over us. And we know that that's to be the truth."
~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (55-0501A)

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