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Guest Ministers – June 2021

10th Anniversary Meetings: Wednesday June 16th – 7:30PM Thursday, June 17th – 7:30PM Friday, June 18th Youth Gym – 11:30AM to 3:30PM (ages 10-30, single never been married) Location: Memphis Sports Complex 14312 Railroad St, Henryville, IN 47126 Youth Banquet – 6pm to 9:30PM (ages 15-30, single never been married). * Attending youth must register […]

Guest Ministers – May 2021

Memorial Day Meetings: Friday, May 28th – 7:30PM Sunday, May 30th – 11AM & 6:30PM There will be a pitch-in meal on Saturday, May 29th from 11AM to 4PM. Pitch-in Location: Tunnel Hill Christian Church 5105 Old Georgetown Rd. Georgetown, IN 47122 Guest Ministers: Bro. Joe Adams Bro. Aaron Oglesby Bro. Timothy Pruitt

Wednesday, February 17th 2021

With the weather they are predicting this evening, around service time, and the parking lot still being extremely icy, I am going to cancel service again tonight. We have someone scheduled to clear the parking lot on Friday, and then it can sit in the warmer sun on Saturday, and be ready for our Sunday […]

Tongues and Interpretation

Tongues and Interpretation – Sunday morning, December 13th, 2020 I will say unto My people, I am well pleased. I say unto My people, I have seen thy tasks. I have heard thy burdens, and how heavy they bear them. I say, I have sent a cloud of witness among My people. I say unto […]