2015 Holiday Schedule

Sunday, November 29th
*** No evening service ***

Sunday, December 27th
Christmas Service 11AM
*** No evening service ***

Thursday, December 31st
9PM Watchnight Service

Tongues and Interpretation – November 2015

Many have requested the following text of the tongues and interpretation given to the church on Sunday evening, November 22nd, 2015.

“I will say unto thee My little ones; I say, yield unto me. Yield unto my Spirit my little ones. I say, be not dismayed. I say, I will lead thee and I will guide thee. I will bring thee forth in a mighty way. My hand is not too short, I say unto thee, but lead and guide thee by My hand sayeth the LORD.”

“It’s all for one big cause, brother. These gifts are to edify God, to edify the church, to bring people in to God, to let them know that God is with us. He’s not a dead God; He’s a living God working among us. See?”
~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (61-0112)

Second Street Bridge

Jack VissingSpecial thanks to Voice Of God Recordings for making this Testimony Video Of Jack Vissing available.


Guest Minister – September 2015

LukeGibsonBrother Luke Gibson: Labor Day weekend

Service Times:
Friday, Sept 4th – 7:30PM
Saturday, Sept 5th – 7:30PM
Sunday, Sept 6th- 11AM
* Sunday school – 10:30AM *

* No evening service on Sunday, September 6th *

Brother Luke pastors The Tabernacle Of The Lord in Townville, SC

Guest Minister – July 2015

Bro Tim PruittBrother Tim Pruitt: 4th of July weekend

Service Times:
Friday, July 3rd – 7:30PM
Saturday, July 4th – 7:30PM
Sunday, July 5th – 11AM
* Sunday school – 10:30AM *

* We will be hosting a pitch-in meal Saturday, July 4th from 11AM-3PM at Lapping Park in Clarksville, IN *

* No evening service on Sunday, July 5th *

Brother Tim pastors Evening Light Tabernacle in Homer, LA