Church Services – May Updates

Memorial Day Meetings:

* We will not be having Memorial Day meetings this year. We have rescheduled our Memorial Day meetings for 2021 with the brothers from Louisiana.

May Service Schedule:
* Sunday AM, May 3rd – Wednesday, May 6th (online only).
* Sunday AM, May 10th – Wednesday, May 13th (last names beginning with A-H).
* Sunday AM, May 17th – Wednesday, May 20th (last names beginning with I-Z).
* Sunday AM, May 24th – Wednesday, May 27th (last names beginning with A-H).
* Sunday AM, May 31st – Wednesday, June 3rd (last names beginning with I-Z).
* You may not change to a different week if you cannot attend your alphabetically assigned services due to sickness, travel, etc.
* We will not being having Sunday school through May.

* We will not be having Sunday evening services through May.

Streaming Services:

* Streaming will remain open until we go back to full attendance, at which point we plan on switching to a password requirement for live streaming. We will update the church website with information on how to register for a streaming password a week or so prior to that.

Service Guidelines:
* We are recommending anyone 65+ to stream the services.
* If anyone has a fever, cold or flu symptoms: please stay home.
* We will be seating people on every other row, to respect social distancing during this time.
* Household units / family members will need to sit together.
* There needs to be reasonable spacing between non-family members.

* We will be blocking off the water fountain during this time.
* Limit two people in the downstairs restrooms at a time and one in the upstairs restroom (for social distancing purposes).
* Please park every other parking place if possible.
* The deacons will have something available in the entryway for any tithes and offerings as you exit (instead of passing the baskets).
* Deacons will dismiss you by row at the end of service. Please go on outside (unless you are remaining in the sanctuary to pray), instead of congregating in the entryway.
* Please go to your vehicles once you are dismissed and respect social distancing as much as possible. We do not want our good to be evil spoken of (Romans 14:16).
* Please follow these instructions and be patient with our deacons during this time, as I have asked them to enforce these rules.

Thank you and God bless you during this time and always, ~ Bro. Nathan Bryant